any pronouns
mentally ill
wannabe writer

before you follow

general dnf criteria — no racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, ableism or body shaming allowed here, also if anti blm or support jk rowling

anybody can follow but as a horror account i will occasionally post fake movie gore, but will always tag it

if i make a mistake, please correct me, don’t do a call out because I have bad anxiety

there will often be depressive or anxious tweets made, but most are on my priv (ask for it)

please, please do not hate on my comfort characters, they really help me cope. i am also an abuse survivor and whilst i can manage most of my triggers, please don’t interact if you ship reylo

im also triggered by destiel but can manage that

i have dyslexia, anxiety and depression, so please tag things like self harm and suicide

stuff i like

legends of tomorrow, santa clarita diet, doom patrol, buffy the vampire slayer, angel, doctor who, torchwood, the sarah jane adventures, class, justified, bates motel, chilling adventures of sabrina, the flash, smallville, daredevil, the mandalorian, barry, power rangers, stranger things, penny dreadful, the vampire diaries, teen wolf, the originals, brooklyn nine nine, the good place, krypton, titans, constantine, the boys, twin peaks

marvel (guardians of the galaxy), dc, scream, saw, halloween, re-animator, psycho, carrie, it, horror, star wars, 007, disney, the godfather, cruel intentions, the suicide squad, giallo

fall out boy, my chemical romance, three days grace, bring me the horizon

joel hammond, mickey altieri, herbert west, norman bates, laurie strode, nancy thompson, sidney prescott, zari tomaz, behrad tarazi, nate heywood, john constantine, leonard snart, nora darhk, richie tozier, ben hanscom, noho hank, barry berkman, buffy summers, oz, ethan chandler, vanessa ives, dinah lance, wanda maximoff, pietro maximoff, lorna dane, billy kaplan, peter quill, gamora, groot, nebula, sheila hammond, abby hammond, leslie vernon, abner krill, nananue, cleo cazo, rick flag, robert dubois , harley quinn, laura palmer, dale cooper

actors, cat twitter, animals, comics, politics, dead meat